duplication & deployment

In this age of blazing fast internet and instant access, we don't have the need for physical media as much, but if you have a particular way you'd like to distribute some media content (besides having a cold, sterile and impersonal web download link) we can help you get creative with it. A few ideas might be:

  • USB thumb drives to leave your message with a client. They can wipe your media content off the drive and continue to use it, and with your logo on it they should be constantly reminded who was kind enough to help them with their storage needs!
  • Streaming video is the big thing now, but many people still have and enjoy DVD and Blu-Ray players. Consider putting your training material on a classic optical disc for distribution.
  • If your media content involves training, PrimeSite has web applications that can deliver your curriculum with a quiz chaser to insure maximum retention!

We'd love to discuss your project, even if you haven't thought of everything.

The veritable Museum of Physical Media. Pretty soon your media content will just beam into your prospects' brains.